What makes Beth tick...

  • Coffee and Netflix are my weaknesses! 
  • My hunky husband...he is a wee bit crazy but in a good way!
  • Never imagined I would have 6 kiddos but am beyond blessed with the most amazing kids EVER!
  • I love using exclamation points!!!!!
  • I adore our couples and feel so blessed to be doing my dream job!

Anthony loves to...

  • TRAVEL: I have been to Egypt and India and am looking forward to my next adventure.
  • EAT SWEETS: I will go on an extra run just so I can eat ice cream. My sweet tooth is pretty bad.
  • CROSSFIT: Have a love/hate relationship with Crossfit...if you do Crossfit you will understand!
  • KIDS: I would have 10 more kids if we could. Beth thought that we would have two but I sweet talked her into 6!

We cannot wait to meet you and hear your story!!  God Bless!